The Evolution of the LGBT Military Experience

Filmed, directed, and edited by the Veteran clients at the Los Angeles LGBT Center
Under the Direction of award-winning filmmaker Andrew Putschoegl

Executive Producers
Kiera Pollock, M.S.W., Director of Senior Services
Jose de Jesus (Jesse) Ortiz-Barreto, B.S., Veteran Affairs Activity Coordinator

William Anderson (U.S. Army)
Neil Beecher (U.S. Navy)
William Duckworth (U.S. Marine Corps)
Belita Edwards (U.S. Army)
Ed Imparato (U.S. Airforce)
Michael LaBorde (U.S. Navy)
Warren Tymony (U.S. Army)

Bill Anderson, Neil Beecher, Tina Chase, Bill Duckworth, Belita Edwards, Cassie Fehrman, Eva Grady, Stevi Hall, Dorothy Halstead, Clayo Hughes, Michelle Hulac-Morentin, Ed. Imparato, Michael La Borde, Keith Mc Allister, Dominique Neal, William Robblee, James P. Tyler Jr., Warren Tymony, Stephanie Wade, Jonathan Willett, and Jerome Woods.

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For more information contact [email protected] or 323 860-5830.

This project was made possible by the California Arts Council.